Guides for using DigibalanceApp

From this page you can find guides about DigibalanceApp. Select subject below!

From DigibalanceApp you can follow your company’s finances. From the app you can see for example

  • Income statements

  • VAT information

  • Tax estimates

  • Consulting service

  • Current articles on entrepreneurship

  • Graphs and charts on your companies finances

  • Your company’s archived invoices and other documents

  • Open ”Archive” from the main page

  • Select which type of document you want to archive

  • Take a picture or upload a file

  • Add payee or name of the document, select payment method or type and date

  • Select ”Upload”

  • Document is now archived!

  • Select ”Did you forget the password?” from login page

  • Add your business ID and customer number

    • Customer number is 4 digit number, you can check it from the customer contract

  • Then choose ”Request password”

  • You will get a e-mail with a link to password setup page

  • Select ”Monthly submission” from the main page

  • Fill in ”Gross sales of the month by different sales types” and ”Gross sales of the month by different VAT rates”

    • The total value of these sections should match

  • If there was EU sales add them by clicking ”Add EU sales” and filling information

  • If there are clarifying documents or notable invoices add them on ”Attachments” section

  • On Additional information text field you can give more information

  • To finish click ”Send”

  • Your monthly sales are now send and will be processed by an accountant