All about the accounting application DigibalanceApp

The new accounting application DigibalanceApp lets you focus on developing and growing your business by cutting down on administration chores, which often fall on times, when focus should be on something else.

Owning and running a business requires ambition, drive and passion for what you do. Accounting and other managerial tasks rarely spark such inspiration.

Your vital business financials and key data are always readily available. You can easily pull out your phone and see how things are going. The DigibalanceApp is a complete accounting platform that provides a smart and simple way to manage and follow your business financials. It leaves you with time and energy to focus on what you do best in and out of the office.

The application is available to all AutoAccount’s customers free of charge. For the first time using the DigibalanceApp, log in with your Business-ID and your Customer number. Then you will receive a password in your email. If you are not yet a AutoAccount customer you can check out the application with the test IDs that you can subscribe to after downloading the app.

Accounting service behind the DigibalanceApp

Bookkeeping service from 40 €+VAT/month

Automated online bookkeeping service is AutoAccount’s most innovative service where micro entrepreneurs have access
to benefit from the ease of use and affordability of electronic bookkeeping without the need for separate software procurements. AutoAccount’s accountants manage the small business or company accountancy cost-effectively, utilizing automation in accounting routines.


Automation enables cost-effective and environmentally friendly accounting.
At its best, the bookkeeping cost only 40 € / month (+ VAT). Monthly pricing is not tied to the number of stakes, which means that the growth in business activity and the increase in corporate account events do not have an auto-boosting effect on monthly pricing.


You can carry out your business anywhere, as bills and other papers need not be physically imported on the spot, we get the information electronically. All you need is an internet connection, a bank account and a debit card for your business.

Support available

Even though our accounting system is largely automated, we do not sell software. Our accountants handle accounting for you. Our consulting service will also help you with entrepreneurship and financial management issues. Download today!

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    Features That Matter

    The Reasons You’ll Love It

    Income statement

    You can get a thorough overview of what’s in your books and how your business is doing. The app lets you see the break-down of expenses and keeps track of all your bookkeeping essentials

    Quick access to your income statement


    You will get the monthly VAT amounts straight to the application and the application will also remind you to pay your VAT bills.

    Monthly VAT amounts

    Tax estimate

    A 12 month’s forecast of key financials is presented as a simple graph, you can keep up with your taxes and avoid any surprises down the road.

    12 month’s forecast


    Your bookkeeping is provided to you by our AutoAccount professional accountant team. Still situations may arise where you will need help managing your business. So our accounting experts are here to assist you.

    Experts ready to assist


    Say goodbye to paper receipts, invoices and folders full of paper reports. The DigibalanceApp stores all essential accounting data in a cloud and the cloud will follow you where-ever you go.

    in the cloud


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    We Make Your Entrepreneurship Easier with the accounting application DigibalanceApp

    More about us

    Digitase Oy

    Digitase Oy was established in 2008.
    A Finnish accounting firm that offers a long way
    electrified financial services for different sized
    companies. The range of services covers financial administration
    areas of the statutory bookkeeping of a small entrepreneur to
    larger organization fully outsourced
    financial management.

    Read more about Digitase Oy


    AutoAccount is a subsidiary of Digitase Oy,
    which is focused on international customers
    accounts. Digitally developed Automatic Account Service
    is also available for international entrepreneurs.

    Read more about AutoAccount OÜ

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